Conscious creation is at the core of Lucinda. Before any decision is made, the environmental, social and economic  impact is considered. 


All our production is done in the United States by two ateliers, one based in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, the other in Hudson, New York. We believe in making longstanding partnerships in local communities to support garment workers and small businesses. 

Fabrics and notions

We carefully consider the materials we use in our garments as studies show that a large proportion of the textiles used by the fashion industry end up in landfill. Knowing clothes don’t last forever and will eventually be returned to the earth, it’s our number one priority to ensure the material will not stick around on the planet or end up polluting our waters. 

We have a partnership with a European deadstock provider to buy fabric made for luxury fashion houses that was excess and would otherwise be discarded. 

We're working on an initiative to provide you the story of the fabric used in your order, from seed to smock. 


Every packaging element we use is post-consumer recycled and either recyclable or compostable. 

We use wax paper, compostable polybags instead of the ubiquitous non-recyclable polybag used in convention production.

Our supply chain

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