Gentleness is in our DNA. Gentleness towards ourselves, each other and the planet. We are a small, self-funded studio that cares deeply about what we're putting out into the world. These are our guiding principles. 

While the lifeblood of Lucinda is size inclusivity, this value extends to age, ability, sexuality and skin color. Our goal is to represent all people in our imagery because we believe no one should be excluded from seeing their likeness represented in fashion. We will never photoshop images or edit out unique features. What you see in our imagery is real, unique and beautiful. 
Lucinda's cream sherpa sweater is thrown over a wooden stool in an industrial setting



Our goal is to be climate positive by 2025. Explore our approach to Sustainability here. 

Photo is taken inside looking outward at an angle, showing the industrial windows. Outside, warehouse rooftops and blue sky can be seen



Many people at Lucinda have come from corporate backgrounds where the prevailing status quo is one of consumption, busyness and a robotic way of functioning that pretends people can separate themselves into their 'work' and 'personal' selves. 

Lucinda practices resisting this modus operadi through actively recognizing that everyone we work with is a human being with a rich & complex personal, family and inner life.

The most important component of this value is ensuring everyone we work with is paid a fair living wage and works in safe conditions. Unfortunately, this is not the norm in the fashion industry today. 

Jessica has a cream sherpa sweater draped over her shoulders, her curvy shoulder length auburn hair is around her neck and she faces away from the camera



Pink wild flowers litter the hillside, with trees in the distance. Photo is taken through a barbed wire fence.

Learn how we create consciously in our Sustainability report